The Secret Fat Burner Ingredients and how they work.

YERBA MATE, also known by its botanical name Ilex paraguariensis, is an ingredient that was used by the Spanish and Portuguese to make a beverage called Mate. Yerba Mate containes polyphenols and phenolic acids that work by the inhibition of lipase enzymes that helps with the metabolism of fat.

L-CARNATINE, will help your body to produce more energy, making you feel awake, focused and energetic. This ingredient is very important for basic bodily functions such as muscle movement, heart & brain function.

BITTER ORANGE EXTRACT, containts tyramine metabolites and is a powerful appetite suppressant. 

CHROMIUM, moves blood-sugar into bosy cells to be used as energy, converting carbs and fats into energy resulting or fat loss and boosted energy.

CASSIA SEEDS aid in weightloss by expelling toxins from your body. It is also know to reduce water retention giving you a more lean look. Cassia seeds also promote good sleep, maintain cholesterol levels, lowers hypertension, improved digestion and prevents constipation.

GUARANA is a brazilian herb found in many energy drinks. The ingredient stimulates the nervous system to induce lipolysis which causes the release of fat into the blood stream and helps fight fatigue and increases energy levels.

RESPBERRY KETONES have been known to increase the metabolism. It also affects the hormone Adiponectin which increases the rate at which the body burns fat.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT promotes mental alertness and contains antioxidants the help protect the heart and blood vessels as well.

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There is a lot of controversy about weight loss in today's day in age. With so many experts saying that if you lose it fast, you'll simply gain it back, faster. While this might be true for certain binge diets that are completely unsustainable, it simply doesn't apply here.

Why not? That is a fair question, here's why. The Secret Fat Burner, contrary to the name, is no secret at. It is well known today by many people for effectively helping them burn off excess fat deposits while also eliminating junk food binges by helping them control their appetite.

The Secret Fat Burner is NOT a miracle weight loss solution, but what it is, is an effective means that puts YOU back in control of your diet.